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Ingebretsens’ Scandinavian Gifts

Ingebretsens’ is a local family owned business located in Minneapolis. A little over 100 years old, Ingebretsens’ opened in 1921, and has been contributing to the enrichment of the community around it since. It is known for its authenticity

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Mim's Cafe

Mim’s Cafe is a local cafe with roots from the middle east. One of the owner’s uncles worked at the coffee shop as he was getting his PhD at the University of Minnesota. To spread their Palistinean heritage, he and his family were able to use the tight knit community around them to eventually acquire the coffee shop and change it into Mim’s Cafe. Located in Saint Paul Learn More →

Cafe Museum
The Bakken Museum

The exhibits in the Bakken Museum are related to the innovations of history. They have an exhibit for Benjamin Franklin, an exhibit for the advancements in medicine and an exhibit for scientific theories and laws put into play, called the SPARK exhibit. The Bakken museum hosts many tours for children and classes and holds youth camps as well. Located in Minneapolis Learn More →